NatureMill Indoor Pro Edition Composter XE Series

Read about it at Technology Talks.

Product Website

Here’s the manual.

This is the new manual.

From a distance, it looks like a PC. I could have some fun with this at the office come April 1st.

Demo video at YouTube

7 Reasons to compost!

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

What’s next, a coal-powered hybrid car?

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Treehugger Friendly

at my house we just through everything in a pile in the corner of the garden and let mother nature do its thing of coarse we plow it up every once in a while to mix and aerate it.

So I am supposed to keep sawdust pellets in the house to put into this machine with my food trash, listen to loud popping sounds while it does its magic, deal with a wet wool, mushroom, sourdough smell in my kitchen, and then find a way to remove the fertilizer to my garden? And pay over $250 with tax for this privilege?

Or I can just keep throwing my organic waste into the bushes?

Guess who is going to wait for the next upgrade to this product.

Composting 101 for dummies

The description says “(produces a mild aroma like sourdough, mushrooms, or straw.” This may be an indoor unit, but I think it belongs in the garage.

edit: In an earlier discussion, theanimalgal said it improved the smell of her kitchen:

Discussion from a Previous Woot

A review at Wired

the words “indoor” and “composter” do not belong in the same sentence. compost, in all its aromatic glory, belongs outside.

Are there various generations of Pro Edition and, if so, is this one of the old unimproved models? Or is this the latest model?

hmmm… woot! says lifetime filter, video says about five years.

does that mean the machine only lasts about five years?

I’m curious how many other cities pick up food and yard waste, just like trash. I live in Seattle and there are mini garbage cans provided for food and yard waste.

Of course, I have to ask: How long does it take for the new iPhone #4 to decompose…and with or without the new FREE bumper cases? Heh?

P.S. Why does it say over there <<<<< that I have 5 quality posts, but it says 4 up there ^^^^^^^^^???

■A powerful carbon filter removes any lingering odors (lifetime filter – never needs replacement)

When you watch one of the attached videos, the owner of NatureMill says the filter lasts about 5 years, never mentions it being a lifetime filter.

How bad is the smell when you open it up to add more to a current batch that is marinating?