NatureMill Indoor Pro Edition Composter XE Series

One of woot’s rare deals that supposed to be full to CARP.

That being said, has anyone actually tried this? How can it not smell as if your baby didn’t just fill his pants with a present for you?

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Annnnd a video of this baby in action… and some edumacationing to go along with it

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I bought this from woot about 2 months ago and I love it. It makes great compost and so far all has gone well. It takes a few weeks to really get the hang of using it. It definitely gets stinky, but ours is in a kitchen cabinet and so long as it’s closed, the kitchen smells normal. We use feline pine for brown material and that doesn’t help with the smell as it’s stinky itself. Some batches have really no odor while others stink. In time I’ll figure out exactly why. But feline pine is cheap brown material when I run out of natural browns. I also put cut up TP and paper towel rolls in there. Would I have spent 400.00 for this? Maybe, $250.00? YES.

Ps. DRY coffee grounds are brown material, wet grounds make a stinky mess.

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Pretty steady pricing at froogle - and Woot creams 'em again.

Digest the manual - before it digests you!

Can someone tell me why it would be bad to put organic stuff in landfills? I mean…isn’t organic stuff the most likely to turn into regular old soil in a landfill…hence, making it more natural?

Agreed. I read that all the recycling and composting we do now (as opposed to say 30 years ago) is really making for a toxic sludge in our landfills, and that the aerobic activity that was once there due to a balance of trash and organics has been reduced. I imagine that there are pockets of society (i.e. where NASCAR is really popular) that still throw away paper and banana peels in the garbage can ala the “old style.” Let’s hope it balances out!

As an organic market gardener I need all the compost I can get my dirty little hands on, so this would be perfect for building up a good amount of compost over the winter months to use first thing in the spring.

Reducing the volume of stuff, organic and otherwise, going into our landfills means that our grandchildren might still have landfills to use. Composting (e.g. maintaining a proper balance of moisture, oxygen and food to maximize bacteria action) breaks down organic material far faster than sealing it up deep in a landfill.

Cornell explains it better.

It’s not bad IF the landfill has a separate composting section, and IF you put it out as compost. If it’s tossed with the garbage, though, it breaks down anaerobically (without oxygen), and the methane it produces is a powerful greenhouse gas.

Costco used to sell these as well (do they still?) and have some more customers’ reviews.

Bought it last time.

Works great!. I actually can’t believe how quickly all things organic end up looking like dirt. It does have a slight odor. I keep mine on the back porch. I use shredded paper (credit card offers etc) and coffee grounds for brown. I’m very happy with it at $250

Don’t waste your money. I bought one of these from the manufacturer several months ago. It stinks, the motor is loud and after 2 weeks of use the motor stopped working. The manufacturer has a no return policy for used units, due to sanitary concerns. They offered to send a part or I could ship the defective unit to them for repair, at my cost. They can accept used units for service but not as returns…WTF. They claim these are weather safe and can be placed outside but the case is foam and the lid doesn’t latch, it just rests on top. Critters or wind could easily topple it. I did finally get a refund when I told them I was turning it over to my credit card company.

My worms can consume about as much as this composter. They don’t make ANY noise and they don’t smell.

Do you do indoor or outdoor composting? I’ve read on teh internetz about people keeping worm bins in their kitchens, and would like more information about that possibility.

I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a couple years- I live in an apartment where I can’t do outdoor composting and I hate all the vegetable peels going into the trash all the time.

Once any material is buried so oxygen will not reach it, it will not rot and turn into organic material usable by plants. It has to remain on the surface or close to it so oxygen and pathogens can do their work.