NatureMill Indoor PRO Edition Composter

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NatureMill Indoor PRO Edition Composter
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 NatureMill HC52CA Black Indoor Automatic Composter PRO Edition

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I have this exact model and find the results from it a little underwhelming.

Edit: Just to elaborate a bit more…

After about a week of use, the peddle on it had stopped working. Though this was fixed by rigging up my own mechanism, basically drilled a hole through the peddle and one in the lid, along with a hook under my cabinet, then fed some heavy duty string type stuff through each piece.

Also, it seems to take longer than was advertised to complete the composting process. The advertised time is 2 weeks, it takes about 3 for mine, and I’m using it as directed. Not that big of a deal really, as long as you don’t need the stuff that quick.

This is a great offering woot, considering the green initiative that everyone is taking.

Almost bought this, I thought it was $24.99

At first glance it looks like a very ugly computer case.

Can I use this to compost my c*ap?

Does it smell? I mean it probably doesn’t… do ppl really keep these things inside their houses? Are we so lazy we can’t walk out to the compost pile to throw away our trash? Here son… go put this in our NatureMill Indoor PRO Edition Composter…

(do we get in indoor garden next?)

Isn’t it cheaper to just dig a hole in the back yard??

really? must we really be green with technology? What a waste of money.

can you compost a dead puppy?

(and at first i thought it was a computer, too).

and my condolences to the woot copywriter who had this to deal with.

I already have a different version of this model known as a garbage can.

Actually I thought that as well, I sorta got excited… A COMPUTER! (i thought). And then i realize it was kinda fuzzy…

I was actually looking at these because I wanted to start growing wheatgrass and making wheatgrass shots. Anyone have any feedback on how good these are?

wonder how this will wok for my mushrooms…

Damn hippies

No, but you can make a great casserole.

I really waited up for a composter. With this headache that I have I could have been sleeping a long time ago instead of wating for a $250 composter. Ugh

Is this a special Bill Gates/Martha Stewart edition of Woot? $250 for compost…my grandmother just piled the stuff in the backyard behind the garage, no container.