NatureMill Kitchen Composters

Have had one of these for several years and LOVE IT. A little noisy as it gets older so put it on the porch…but otherwise, works well.

Broke after a year. Customer Service gave me the run-around. Gave up!

The old model lasted a couple of years. This “New and improved” model lasted 2 months. Company refused help or even sell me parts since I didn’t buy it from them or an authorized reseller. Wonder if Woot’s authorized.

Interested to hear what some other wooters think of this composter. I’m between this and one if those large, outdoor, tumbling composters. Is the “mild, earthy, aroma” really only that?..or will this thing stink up the kitchen?

I have had one of these for over a year and love it. Before that I had the large outdoor tumbler and couldn’t stand it because it was so gross getting the compost out. This machine takes almost EVERY kind of food (unlike the outdoor tumbler) and you just remove the lower tray when it’s time to transfer the compost. It’s also much quicker. That said, it totally stinks even though we put the baking soda and sawdust pellets in it every time. We keep it outside because of the smell.
As for customer service - I LOVE Amazon because it has the best customer service ever. Now that Amazon and Woot! are one, I fully expect that to continue. Last week I had something in my Woot! order that was broken. I emailed Woot! and they took care of it immediately - credited my account and just told me to keep whatever was not broken. Far better than the customer service I’ve experienced in the past with Woot!

I ordered the NatureMill EZ Grip Compost Pail – I figured it’s a pail, what could possibly go wrong with it.

Well, the order was placed on the 27th and there is no sign of it yet as of today, the 4th. Woot has not even sent me the tracking number for it.

Hmmm. Yeah that sounds like it might be taking too long.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let them know. They’ll be able to figure out what might be going wrong with your order.

Wow…this is the second time WOOT told me they lost my order and the item is no longer available. Starting to think they overbook, just like the airlines !!

I also never received my Saw Dust pellets from this “Composter” Home plus woot. Where is all this stuff, Woot??? I messaged support… I’d still like the pellets

Same thing here. Sent them an email asking where this was, and woot basically told me just to be patient. It’s been weeks at this point. No tracking number. No $200 product. Nothing.

jcassens5: I see you were refunded for the pellets on 6/11 with a note “never received”. You might check your spam/junk folders for email. It can take a couple days for your bank to process the funds.

bigbadjay: CS and the buyer are working with the vendor to see what happened.

Thanks TT

Kind of a bummer though! I wanted em!

Still waiting for mine as well. The $200 one though. I’ve been told by support to just be patient. Figure I’ll be requesting a refund soon.

Any update? I sent an email on June 6th inquiring about the order. Received a response on the 10th that said to wait a day or two for shipping info. So I sent another support request on the 13th. Short of being assigned a case number, (CAS-789379-D8F7Y6)I still haven’t heard a thing from member services. I was really excited about this product. Some kind…any kind of communication from woot would be beneficial. I ordered this thing three weeks ago.

Ordered the $200 Composter, and along with it the Pail and Sawdust on May-27. Only the kitchen Pail arrived yesterday Jun-17.

Sent several queries to support but just like others mentioned, they send a case number and ask to be patient and seem to have no idea when and if they are going to ship. No updates on the case after that.

I hope its not a refund after overbooking orders like another of my orders recently.

Disappointing service compared to Amazon. Amazon, please do something - after all you own Woot!

It’s not so much that they have my $220, it’s the complete and total lack of communication by woot that that is so darn frustrating. This is so unlike woot, that I have to wonder what the heck is going on. I hope this situation gets resolved, and does so quickly. Sure doesn’t sound like I’m the only customer who is frustrated and without the product they’ve already paid for.

totally agree - I don’t mind that it takes longer than expected to receive this. As long has Woot is able to first confirm order is good and give a time range, then update the status when the item has shipped and tracking num is available per item.

Has anyone received their $200 composted yet?

JUST got mine today(26th) I had sent a second email to woot to cancel but behind the scenes it had shipped. My biggest concern is if Naturemills is this bad about getting out a NEW product I dread to think how crappy they are at customer service and repairs if it breaks. buyers remorse here I come.