NatureMill Kitchen Composters

These are pretty fancy-shmancy.

You have a composter like these, you have made it in life.

We just use a 2 gal. bucket with a lid.

First one lasted 2 years. Second one 2 weeks. Stick with a bucket!

for the same price you can buy a forty pound bag of pine pellets at tractor supply. <–horse bedding. is there q reason to buy these instead? about the only thing i can think of that would be different is the smell of pine. which is good, right?

The counter-top crock is $5 less, and free shipping at Amazon.

I like the picture with the rich folks throwing away half a plate of food. Must have been poor presentation.

Lasted one year and got customer service run around. Use a pail.

I see the guy in the Woot picture scraping vegetables and other good things into the composter…
but what about us Wootsters who eat McDonald’s and Burger King all day? Those things don’t biodegrade very well: