Nautica Men's 2 Piece Sleepwear Set

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Nautica Men’s 2 Piece Sleepwear Set
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Anyone know if these have pockets?

This model is standing so natural. Definitely doesn’t look like a robot.

Sleepwear? This is what college kids wear to class.

I have a couple of these styles and they have pockets, so I would guess they all do. They’re fairly warm and quite soft, good for winter.

I was more amazed that they found a full set of quintuplets…and all of them models!

Maybe it’s just me, but not one of these appears to be a “set” - these guys all look like they got dressed in the dark.

(Yes, I am aware that they are all the same guy, but still…)

I was thinking the same thing when I first saw the pic.


and Ralph. He always was the odd duck.

It’s not just you. It looks like they were all handed a pair of pajama pants and when they asked “what about a shirt?”, they were told “just keep on the t-shirt you wore to the photoshoot”.

But, just think of them as non-discounted pajama pants with a free t-shirt that you can wear with OTHER outfits that actually match!

Pants have pockets.

Good to know. I often like to keep a candybar for 2am bedtime snacks, or maybe a pad and pencil for jotting dreams down in my pockets when I sleep.

Would I be as uncomfortable as this guy looks?

This looks better to me:

Nothing beats warm squished candy bar smeared all over my pad and pencil in my pocket! oh how the stories write themselves!

Oops, my mistake.

Since you have some, do you know how long the pants legs are? My husband is 6’2" & sometimes these end up being too short.