Navigon 2100 Portable 3.5” GPS with Text to Speech

Just for the record, ignore chingmiester who obviously lives in cave . i have the 2100 and it rocks. I have 2 other cars with navi (acura) and the navigon goes toe-2-toe with them on everything except screen size. The speed alert alone is worth it.

You age just selling the same crap you have been told by your management because C.C. doesn’t sell them in their stores. The Navigon 5100 it top shelf. I bought one for myself and within two weeks my wife bougt one for her car. They are totally awesome and provide lifetime subscription to live traffic updates at no additional cost. Can’t get that form anythin you sell without paying $60+ a year in subscription fees. I can also purchase up to 12 map updates for 3 years for the price of one update from Garmin or TomTom.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I received a tracking number yesterday. Maybe I’ll get it on Saturday.

Edit: I received mine on Friday.