Navigon N100 Pocket Loox Portable GPS



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Navigon N100 Pocket Loox Portable GPS
$109.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Navigon N100 Pocket Loox Portable GPS

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hmm i actually need one… is this any good?


Anyone own one of these?


Does this have spoken (audible) directions?


wife asks “what’s it worth?”


NAVIGON? What the heck is that?

It looks like a fat ipod.


Ill pass… I just bought a tomtom… and it is soooo cool :slight_smile:


4/5 on Amazon.


Here’s the Amazon Reviews Link. Those peeps like it a bit.

Alatest Likes it a bit.

Not such a great review from GPS Magazine, but it’s not bad either.



Got a Mio 2 years ago. Gimme something I can use, Woot!


How much software updating does this need in order to be current with roads and stuff?


Navteq Maps from 2006, pre loaded on a mini SD card

2006? All the roads listed on that map have expired by now.


4 stars at amazon




I like the clean lines. Too bad I already bought an in-dash navi.


Half the price that is listed elsewhere


I have this - got it for Christmas - it’s nice and small but not that user friendly. Good price though - I would rather pay more and get a more user friendly navigation system.


I’m Afraid to order! It’s so huge compared to that car!