Navigon N100 Pocket Loox Portable GPS



Navigon N100 Pocket Loox Portable GPS

$99.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference


The good: NavTeq maps instead of TeleAtlas.
The bad: NavTeq maps from 2006 (most GPS units are on 2009 maps already).


seems a bit over priced for being a refbrb… I remember not buying new at the same price… come on w00t… !!..


The good: just register as an owner of the 5100 (not conveniently pocket sized) Navigon model at and download the free update to get current maps. Use the “MAC OS and others” link to download a zip file even if you are using Windows. Don’t ask why, just do it.
The bad: if you don’t own a current model your nose may grow a bit like Pinocchio.

The good: highly hackable
The bad: to hack it you need to be at least a little computer literate.


I got one of these from Woot a while ago. I like it a lot. My wife hates the fact that the maps are from 2006, though. Where we live, there has been lots of construction in the past few years, so things change quite frequently. On a couple of occasions, we’ve put addresses into this GPS unit and it did not know where that was located. At this point, I don’t believe there is even an option to buy newer data, although that will hopefully change some time soon. It bites that I might have to pay for fresh data, though.


see my post ^^^


i liked the flash drives the other day


more info please I have one and am thinking of buying another if I could update the maps! Thanks


can you plug these into a nuvi?


I’m not sure what you mean nuvi is a line of garmin gps units so why would you want to plug one gps into another?


refer to the quote in the conversation I was asking if you plug the navigon maps into the nuvi gps


Oooh…Elaborate please. What sort of stuff can be done with this device? I love any device that I manipulate as I like. I’ve been wanting a new GPS, ever since I shorted out my last one by plugging in the wrong car adapter.

Can it take cards larger than 2GB, and can you hack it to run an alternate GPS software?


yes and yes here is a good site to see some things others have done with it!


Cool. Thanks. I want it. Now to decide whether or not my budget wants it.


That debate is so weak now. TeleAtlas did some major updates for their 2007 maps and are now as good as the coverage NavTeq has had in the US.

There are some major things going on at TeleAtlas now too as TomTom bought the mapping company after a bidding war for them against Garmin.

As for the Woot item, this PNA is not too hot for Navigon. Navigon on their car units isn’t the speediest running piece of GPS software and it’s even slower on this PNA. On the bright side, you can unlock this PNA to install other GPS navigation programs on it like TomTom, Garmin, iGo, etc…


One more question, if anyone is around to answer. How is the display on these devices? Is there much of a problem with glare, and how big is 2.8 inches when the device is mounted on your windshield?


The screen is ok. I mean it is 2.5 inch. it gets you were you need to go. also ive hacked mine to no end. you can run diff software as well as 2008 maps. look for link on here a couple posts up. i love mine. the bad it doesnt say names of the street ( but if you hack it you can get it to say street names. depeneds on the version you hack it with)


I believe I will buy. When I look at all the money I’ve spent on woot since I first registered, I feel sad. But when I look at all the cool things I have, I feel happy. Yay for material possessions. >_<


bought a Navigon 2100 for this same price a couple days ago. sale at ecost.