Navman ICN 330 Portable Navigation System



Navman ICN 330 Portable Navigation System

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Remanufactured, Retail
product(s): 1 Navman ICN 330 Portable Navigation System


Door-to-door navigation using pre-loaded software
3D moving maps to help you navigate more easily
Next maneuver warnings
Voice-guided directions
Back-on-Track automatically re-routing after a missed turn
SiRFstar XTrac GPS technology
Saved favorite destinations
Multiple routing options, including postcode search and shortest/fastest routes
Adjustable maps so you can zoom from 3D to a detailed 2D map
Progress bar and distance indicator
Integral antenna with excellent GPS reception
Anti-glare 2.8" color screen
Turn-by-turn navigation

Processor: Intel PXA 255-200MHz
Audio: High-quality loudspeaker
Memory: 32MB SDRAM internal memory for application running
Maps: USA maps on 2GB Secure Digital Card
Display: Anti-glare high resolution 2.83’’ (71.1mm) colour screen
BaseMap: pre-loaded maps
Firmware and software updated as of May 2006

Receiver: SiRFstarII XTrac
Update Rate: Typically every second once fix established
Accuracy: Fix to 5 meters 95% of the time
Battery Type: Rechargeable integrated Li ION
Battery Life: up to 3.5hrs life (depending on use)
Dimensions: 4.92" x 3.11" x 1.57"
Weight: 0.47lbs.
What’s in the Box:

Navman iCN 330 navigator
Mounting bracket
Vehicle power adapter
2 GB SD card (SmartST 2005 navigation software)
User’s manual


woot, i don’t appreciate you displaying my address all over the internet, thanks.


BizRate has it from 7 stores… starting at $335.

CNet hasn’t rated it yet… and has it from $340.

MSN Shopping has it at 3 stores… from $350 or so.

Shopzilla has it at 15 stores… starting at $329… (winner for best prices and most stores for the day).

But still, this woot is solid if you’re in the market for one of these. Anyone got good/bad comments about this brand? I’m not familiar.


Garmin Nuvi. End of story.


its called a map. 'night woot


Another GPS? If I was going to get a GPS, it’d definitely be the TomTom Go!


Lowest Price on Froogle: $319.00 from RiteBuys
Average Froogle Price: Around $345

So of course… Woot has, as always, the best deal! Buy at woot!

Manufacturers Page:

And, LaptopMag did a review on this product, and it did pretty well. Check it out.


Is this thing any good?


i own a navman 570… have had issues with it , and the companies customer service sucks. Wonder why this thing has been reserviced.? I dont… I would look at other brands and do your homework first.


What does Remanufactured mean? Same thing as a re*urbished? Or just resold by a different company?


About $320 for a NEW one, based on froogle:


This uses the same map data company (teleatlas) as tom tom. If you get it… you’ll probably want to update the maps to get updated POIs and such, as there has probably been a new version since this thing has been out. Some companies give you a free map update dvd. Garmin gave me one when I got my Streetpilot c320. If you get this, contact the manufacturer and ask if they have a map update available for free or at a discount.


1.And we admit that its 2gb SD card is pre-loaded with freshly-updated maps of our North American continent which include helpful points of interest like gas stations and airports
2. Maps: USA maps on 2GB Secure Digital Card

Should I than assume it does not include Canada?


Sweet, now i just need a car to put it in!


I know it comes with pre-loaded software but can you get new software as things like streets are updated?? Anyone know? And it is just as easy to mount or use in your car or does some techno guy have to install it? Thanks! :slight_smile:


GPS systems are rad. I got a Garmin C320 a few weeks ago and it’s pretty useful.


hey! there’s nothing wrong with asking a hot chick for directions. (as long as you ask for her phone number too :slight_smile:


Not something I need (or have the money for) but that Wootcast for awesome!! :slight_smile:


Looking for a good navigation unit, check out Garmin. The only way to go.

Nite Nite Wooters


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