NavTour 3.5 inch Touchscreen GPS with Media Player



Do these require a subscription to work or are they free?


sellout.woot doesn’t mess around… its november now… good call… useful linkage w/ CSE linksis there as well…


They shouldn’t need to add buttons if the touchscreen is up to snuff.


Doesn’t sound bad… as for 1.1… blah but that’s what card readers are for. :slight_smile:


i am on the market for one … any one knows if this is any good ?


do any GPS require subscription???

tell me this is good, i’m buying two


Never seen this brand anywear. Interested as to the (Expansion Slot: SD Card) Anyone know what max it can read ?




Worrks like a breeze … no need for any subscribtions unless it features a traffic updates that usualy reuires paying… but for the turn by turn usage nothing is required… it works straight out of the box…


No, GPS is free


Cool. This thing will lead you to the stars. It comes with a “Quick Star Guide”. In for 1!


Does this thing have preloaded points of interest like banks, restaurants, and such?


I think the reason there is no “image preview” on the unit is because it could be one of those differences between “map quest” and “google maps”


NavTour 3.5" Touchscreen GPS with Media Player
$129.99 + $5 shipping

1 NavTour NT147 3.5” Touchscreen LCD GPS with Media Player



No fee’s for GPS. I have three of them. One stock in car, another garmin for trips and another that collects dust. There are no fee’s for GPS.


can the maps be updated? never heard of them


The big question would be, can you play music on it while using the GPS? will they work in conjunction at the same time or does one have to be “off” while the other is working?


Seems like a cool product… although 64 MBs of storage for the media part of it doesn’t do much for me, i guess its a good thing that you can buy a card and load up on “media” that way.

If i had the money to burn i’d probably get one. Being a poor college student sucks!


I would only buy garmin or tom tom forget all the other brands.