NavTour NT-147 Portable GPS System

Is this one of those GPS devices that can play audio and video files ? If so what’s the max SD card that will work.

taken from review:
“I bought this product about three weeks ago. At first it did not show the full USA map, only Canada and north US. I called tech support and they helped me reset it (it took several tries). It works best with the external antenna, and it picks up the satellite signal really well even in inclement weather. The user manual in badly written, as there are no instructions on how to load music or pictures and it also does not tell you what the functions of the “buttons” are. I’m having a problem with the electrical charger at home, but works well in the car. The audio in the unit is so low, that you have to shut off the radio, and close the windows if you want to hear anything, works a lot better with the external ear piece. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it an 7.5 for performace and a 3 for user friendly.”

More like living as non-dependents.

No display picture shown. Kinda makes me wonder what it looks like when it’s on…

You can do better for a little more. I sell gps units at a sporting goods store for a living and frankly an external antenna is a real pain to deal with. For 50$ more you can get a Garmin C330 at just about any sporting/electronic store which has a built in antenna and its name brand. Don’t know much about this specific unit or brand but make sure there is support for map upgrades or you will regret it a year or so.

“currently unavailable from manufacturer”

i got this from sell out, also NT147, except it looks different, weird
works sporadically.

newegg reviewers note difficulty getting a satellite signal

Thanks for the heads up.

Mixed user reviews on newegg.

Appears not to be too good at actually receiving from the satellites.

I’m in the market for a cheap and cheerful GPS, but good satellite acquisition is pretty fundamental - so passing on this one.

Edit: ah - beaten to it!

Ask at a GPS enthusiasts site like

Garmin and Lowrance are good.

Garmin is Cadillac. Lowrance is good and reasonably priced.

[Magellan is the worst company in the world. DO NOT buy a Magellan. Their Customer Service is non-existent. They all live in India anyway and can’t speak English.]

No updates will ever be available for this one:

Fromt he manufacturers website:

"How often are the maps updated and how can I update to the latest version?

New roads are being built daily. This information is collected and processed by the map data provider regularly. New releases of the map will be updated annually and be made available to you. Registered users will be the first to be notified of new maps. This will apply to our G2 and G4 models. GPS model NT-147 will NOT receive any map updates."

I feel kinda nostalgic for those “good old days”. If only we could have those good old days again, but this time with all the cool gadgets.

Actually, Magellan doesn’t live in India, their support goes there, just like most any company that you try to get any kind of tech support from. I have had several Magellan uints and never had a problem obtaining support.

the only rating on amazon is 3 stars.

You are wrong…the above site says not available from the manufacturer. Read it first.

i love my NAVIGON 7100

Damn you Woot! I just bought a Nuvi 350 today. Something tells me I made the right choice. How robust is this GPS? Can it find Sara Conner?

I have a Navigon system (which this claims to be related) - Navigon is some product with Fujitsu-Siemens behind it. I would not call Fujitsu-Siemens ‘off-brand’, but they clearly are not household names in the GPS world.

While this is a stretch review (Navigon Pocket LOOX), I’m guessing Navigon uses the same/similar software.

For $109 or there abouts, it is a decent GPS - I got the LOOX for $100 and compared to my $699 Garmin Nuvi 660 - smaller screen, has voice activation (which my 660 does NOT). Voice activation OK in a 06 Mustang convertible with the top down, but obviously gets many errors too - probably just fine in a coupe/sedan.

Doesn’t have as many POIs, seems a bit slower on startup and screen updates. And for my old 40ish eyes - the smaller screen is a tough at times. The Nuvi 660 is bright and large and it better be for $699 :wink:

For the money, this NT-147 seems it’s fine. Hope this review translates back to the NT-147 - use info at your own risk.

General GPS ramblings:

As for software udpates, nearly every manufacturer (Tom Tom, Garmin) charges a non-trivial sum. The hardware is so old (anyone for SiRFfII vs. SiRFIII?) that updating a GPS with new maps doesn’t make financial sense to me. I’ve owned 5 GPS now - DeLorme, TomTom, Garmin brands and NEVER updated software - hardware and software get old together. A 2 year old GPS’s value is nearly the same or LOWER than the software update charge. The delta to get a whole new unit with new software seems to make more sense unless you HAVE to use the old unit for some reason.

Perhaps updates are financially better for you, but I would not consider the NT-147’s lack of software updates (mentioned in someone’s comment) to be a big deal when it costs $109. Even if they had the update, it ain’t gonna be cheap.

Buy it, use it for 2 years, then sell it on eBay and move on.

Navigon makes use Of Windows OS which is comparitively slow than OS which other GPS units use …my friend was telling that navigon goes rlly slow…im still thinking whether to buy or not…