Navy Blue Dinner Plates

Navy Blue Dinner Plates

If these are the same navy blue plates I received in my BOC then let me tell you…they are worth it



Yes I got them in a BOC too and had to stop myself from buying as many of this deal as it would allow me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: IT has to mean 24 PACKS of them right? I don’t remember how many plates were in the pack? I feel like it was only 12 maybe?

this is the same back and forth as on the Amazon site. this is supposed to be 10 packs of 24, yielding the nine and a half inch height described.

" * The Package Height of the product is 9.49999999031 inches"

guess how many packs I got? returning.

It’s 24 plates as advertised. I did find this on Amazon

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24 paper plates for $27? Seems like it would be something to stay away from since you can buy ceramic plates at dollar tree for less than that.

They were $30 on Amazon until yesterday’s price drop. I’ve ended our event.


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Oddly enough some of the reviews complain of spending $11 for 24 plates. haha

Huh, looks like for a few days in September.

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I wonder if that’s when it switched from 10 packs to one pack and they forgot to update.

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@Dopy25 yeah, I suspect this is some kind of confusion on the part of the distributor/supplier. the single pack of 24 is something you can buy at party city for like $3.50. not “something similar to it” but the exact same UPC of the pack I got. clearly the height in the description is describing a bundle of 10 packs, so perhaps someone in the chain didn’t understand it was a set, broke it into singles, and didn’t reprice the single packs accordingly.

the color on the plates is nice, but they’re still just thin paper plates, and not worth over a dollar per plate, but they’d certainly be a decent buy at a tenth of the price.