NBA Signs & Display Cases

Nice spell checking on the Detroit one. “Baketball”? Terrible

Haha, I didn’t even notice in my astonishment that they left off a mention of Isiah Thomas. I also don’t know what the hell “66 wins” is referring to. According to, their best season was 64 wins.

These signs…among the worst products I have ever seen. Destined for a lame and insipid Buzzfeed countdown of the ‘Top 10 Stupidest Sports Memorabilia Ever.’


P.S. Why is the word ‘L A M E’ censored?

After taking a closer look at these…my previous post was…understated. I am a huge NBA fan and I would rather have a swimsuit shot of Chris Christie hanging in my “man cave” than one of these.

…And these doofuses that designed these don’t know “Dick” (or a synonym about appendages only male mammals have)about basketball. Want Proof? Look at the UTAH Jazz poster. Pete Maravich played a whopping 17 GAMES for them. Atlanta=Good Choice, New Orleans=Better Choice…Utah=Short-Bus!

Yes, good point. I actually think these might somehow be based on computer generated “key word clouds.”

Just so terrible. I really can’t get over it.

And further more!..look at the Chicago Bulls poster. There is mention of Derrick Rose and Benny the Bull. But nothing about this other dude that played there.

Dang, what was his name?! Seems like he won a few things in his day and might have had one of the greatest sports nicknames of all time. Hmmm…I wish I could remember his name.

Hold on, let me ‘Google’ it…


>>> William “Bill” Cartwright. <<<<

I’m not nearly a big enough NBA fan to even consider one of these, but honestly, how can the Lakers’ banner have two references to Kobe, yet none to either Magic or Kareem?

I think it’s most likely there is a copyright/infringement issue with some players.

Are “MANIAACS” a real thing?