NCAA 64 oz. Growlers

No __________, so no purchase here! :wink:

obligatory “waaahhhh, you don’t have my school you big meanieheads” reply.

No Orange of SU, no purchase.

That Memphis one is pretty sad looking compared to the others. Also, the growler looks pretty plain.

Yup, same with Michigan. If it was blue (like Arizona’s) I would seriously consider it, but at this point it’d be a lot cheaper for me to by a brown or clear growler on the cheap and use my vinyl cutter and make my own. IMHO, it could even look a little better than what’s offered, as I could at least use blue vinyl.

Of course, even better yet would be some of those 32-oz cobalt blue “swing-top” bottles - some growler filling stations will fill these as well.

Looks like a bottle my great grandfather would have purchased.

So this is like 2x 32oz beer bottles with screw lids being constantly refilled from some source so you can carry it, or drink it, repackaged for $20 without the beer but has an obscure logo and color scheme that is somehow better than the original bottles the beer came in?