NCAA Cookout Aprons

Wow… you really are going anger some Alabama fans when they see what you called their apron…Roll Eagle??? HA!

Is this a joke? You can’t say Auburn apron and display an Alabama apron. Which is it? The people need to know because you couldn’t have picked anything more opposite than Alabama and Auburn.

F’real. We got it straightened out, it was the photo that was wrong. Sorry for the slight heart attack.

??? And once again the Seattle-based corporation doesn’t include the Huskies in their NCAA gear… Grrr.

OK, then, where is the Alabama apron?!

We apparently do not have those available, unfortunately. You can either take that to mean we really hate Alabama or that Alabama ended up too popular for us to find a deal on- whichever will make you feel better.


No Arizona. Seems like the list is void of most of the likely final four contenders.

No love for Kansas? Sheesh, three out of three teams in the big dance, and y’ll don’t even have freaking KU.

Take a look at what @ADQ had to say above.

Maybe next time, Alabama Apron, maybe next time.

Woot must be a bunch of
Aggies fans.

It’s true that we are HQ’d in Texas (and Seattle), but I cannot actually think of many people on staff who are big Aggies fans.

Looks like Sooner fans all over the nation! BOOMER!

Ha Ha Ha; WV is pretty darn popular too but Woot! usually finds the deal :slight_smile: Sorry I didn’t see these sooner before the flying WV sold out.

Heh. Yeah, I saw that before I posted - but I still wanted to complain. On deals like this they cherry pick the most popular - or what they consider the most popular - teams for a limited sale. I’d like it if they reevaluated their selection process considering how often this happens.

Where the heck is Texas, you morons?

We get first dibs on all Texas stuff.