NCAA Coolers and Bags

Wish the C&F company would add UGA and Arkansas to the mix. Would be perfect for the girlfriend and I to add these to our shelves. The quilted boxes, specifically!

+1 Arkansas

Apparently, there are no colleges or universities west of Texas…

Pretty sure I got one of those quilted UGA duffels as a mother-in-law “UGA gave out free stuff to the faculty today” special. I promptly lost it to one of the hoards of people who likely mistook it as a piece of their Georgia logo gear on gameday. From then on, I only carry gear not related to any team in the region, it is easy to keep tabs on. So where’s the non-southern gear, Woot?

Miami please… Been waiting and wait… And yet Texas is in EVERY ONE!

Because they have one of the most recognizable logos in sports.
(snark)And they gotta pay for their TV network somehow. Lord knows their team isn’t doing it.(/snark)