NCAA Disposable Placemats

These must be deadstock of an old item; every Big 12 team is here except WVU. Never any love for WV…

What are these made of?

They are disposable, so they are probably paper, on a huge pad. They are usually pretty handy and clean up is just a toss out. I have wine ones. They came on a pad of 50 and you use once, toss and next time, just peel off a new one.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks!

Hi all.

These are 10pt paper, so good stuff. Also, they ship flat.

I really thought the ASU one was great.

Oh wait. There wasn’t an Arizona State one.


These are disposable. That will come in handy when Tennessee sucks again next season and I get so mad I throw out all my stuff again.

Really? no love for the last BCS champs ever? I guess Woot is located in Alabama…

Let’s Go… Mountaineers!
They did have WVU when the quilts were offered though, mine is quite nice. I just got home, saw this and figured I’d better jump on it before WVU sold out… you’re right, no love for the Mounties :frowning:

Yet again ignoring Penn State.

Bad juju, woot. Bad, bad juju.

Now you’ll never amount to anything…

ROLL TIDE!!! :smiley:


Weak one from Woot. No PAC-12 teams… What’s a Duck to do? Woot Quacked this one up. Huey! This placemat deal is Dewy! I wouldn’t tell Louie! Get with the program Woot. And, Go Ducks!!

FYI…If you wanted to keep these around longer for more than one use you can always have them laminated.

I surprised there isn’t a Notre Dame. Not that I care about ND, but if they were here, I could at least argue that as another Independent BYU merited inclusion as well. But, so much for that.

I mean, I get that Woot is from TX, but Texas State? Really? Unless you’ve only got a couple, I’m not sure that’s going to sell out (and now I’ll be proved wrong).

Thanks. How many are in a $14.99 pack?

The features says it includes 30…

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? No Florida State?! The National Champions don’t get any love?? That hurts, Woot. . .

Surprised me as a Texas State student…didn’t know woot was based in Texas though.