NCAA Flameless Candles

You have the wrong picture for Iowa, unless you have two different sets of Iowa State candles.

How are the teams chosen? Every time I see an NCAA sale, Duke is always missing. No pumpkins and now no candles. Is this just for football schools?

Sorry about that! We fixed up the sale.

Who wants Hawkeye stuff, anyway?
On that note, are you from Iowa?

Duke has football. We won’t talk about them, though. I agree with needing Duke stuff.

i never see Kentucky with these items either. do you think our fan base isn’t large enough to acquire the items thats put up for sale?

Perhaps these are closeout or discontinued items and the other teams were already sold out.

The Clemson candle will go out when you most need it! Clemsoning!!!

No Syracuse candle, c’mon man…

Kansas is listed, so obviously not reserved for football schools.

Cuse plz.

Seriously though, was hoping for a corny gift to send to some classmates, no cuse, no love.

How are these powered? Do they plug into wall (117 VAC)? or are they battery powered? If so, what are the battery requirements? are they included? If wall powered, are they UL approved?

Why not talk about them? They’re 9-2 as of this writing and #24 in the BCS polls-- now THAT is something to talk about!

erm KANSAS is prominently featured as as you well know (if you’re a Duke fan) KU is a basketball school.

all good questions. i’m not buying one until they are answered. my guess is they use little button batteries which suck and are super expensive.

An item that appears to be an identical item (sold elsewhere) says they are powered by 4 AA batteries, not included.

Agreed!!! Penn State is always absent from these deals too!! :frowning:

Roll Tide y’all!


The fact that they have Louisville available and not Kentucky is nothing short of an insult. An insult I say!