NCAA Flameless Candles

Michigan State is missing. And we are both a football (#11) and basketball (#1, baby) school. (Is that the best combined ranking in the country? maybe…)

But at least we can buy a Santa!

Why does none of Woot’s NCAA stuff have Kentucky as an option?

Holy wow! Where did that come from? Can you tell I haven’t been watching the rankings? That’s awesome!

I’ve been following Duke basketball since the early 90s.

^ That. <_<

Not a single Pac 12 school in bunch. No USC, no UCLA, no Stanford. Just dumb.

No ASU? Come on, man… :frowning:

Maybe if you squint seriously hard at the NC St. one from afar you could convince yourself…
it even looks a little orange!

Came here to say the same thing! Where’s the Pac 12 love?

really, WTF! No pack 12 at all!