NCAA Goodie Bag

This was the worst purchase I ever made on woot. I got a pair of toddler flip flops, little girl fuzzy earmuffs, a flip phone holder and I can’t even remember the other crap. Don’t allow your school spirit to force you do buy stupid useless things!

Q. Which school has won the most basketball Championships in the last 20 years? A. The team that woot never includes in these sales.


Notice from the picture, these are all from different schools. If you only support one, you may be disappointed in not having everything from your all-time favorite. But then, what if that team gets eliminated early? It’s nothing for the rest of the series! However, as you follow the playoffs, you can pull out the stuff from the team you favor that game, then for the next one, pull that game’s favorite. You should always be able to show support regardless the match-up.

Bebop, note you pick the school you want merch from. That said, odds are I’d end up with no Big Money but a lot of Whammies like:
Keychain, Bumper Sticker, Ticket Holder, Magnet, Bottle Opener, Cooling Towel, Hitch Cover, Plush Figure, Hair Accessories, Flip Flops, Coosie, Pet Products, Earrings, Fishing Lures, Collector Pen, Money Clip, Christmas Ornament

What an AWESOME month in the world of Woot!..First a BOC, then Maryland gets added to the NCAA Lineup…

Fear the Turtle!!!

ooo… I see a beer in the picture! What kind of beer might we get with this purchase?

what school is USC?

Hey Woot, or whoever runs this. Add Rhode Island to the list of schools please.

Don’t. Do. It.
Be warned – these ALWAYS generate lots and lots of negative comments (see just one link below – it’s always like this).
It’s CRAP, and not a BOC. Why spend money on what you already know will be just a bunch of crap – at least BOC’s used to have mystery and the small possibility of a big score.
Don’t. Do. It.

Don’t do it! Save yourselves!

Got one of these, honestly don’t think there is one thing that was any good and it was for University of Alabama so let me tell you there is no shortage of goodies that are emblazoned with Big Al, Roll Tide of UofA.

Things I remember . . . pet socks (small). Not even shoes, which are ridiculous enough, but socks. Cheesy plastic wallet, mini bobble head that wasn’t even branded UofA just red and white, spirit beads. (the other stuff was just completely forgettable).

Honestly, Woot’s “jump the shark” was when they were bought out by Amazon. I like Amazon but it killed Woot. Now its feel like it’s just a clearing house for products that were returned to Amazon by unhappy customers.

Woot Shirts are the only remaining touchstone for me.

University of Southern California


Last time I got:
A flip phone faux leather belt case.
A pair of size 2 flip flops… yep… size 2.
A mousepad
A plastic key chain.

Yeah all that was totally worth $15 + $5 s/h

Where’s the love for the Big East?
Go Nova!

That was screwed up for quite a while too – Anvil.

Yeah, I too agree that this was the WORST WOOT EVER! I kept NOTHING from the box I got back during NCAA Football season. I should have just taken the money and flushed it down the toilet.

I totally agree!!! I’ll buy from Wine Woot on the now rare occasion of a QPR deal.

USC is in California, the Trojans

Or possibly U of South Carolina. They use “USC” also.