NCAA Hoodies

It appears Ohio State University isn’t worthy?

I’m sorry that [INSERT TEAM NAME HERE] is not available in this sale! That means the [TEAM MASCOT]s are way too popular and we weren’t able to get a deal on them, or we tried selling it before and they already sold out.

Not every product here is a hoodie! LIES!!

Not a single team I’m interested in.
Looking for Miami, Iowa State, Duke, Oregon State.

I was going to buy several of these, at this price.

Dear [INSERT USERNAME HERE], I’m sorry we’ve disappointed you by [INSERT THING WE LIED ABOUT HERE], I hope in the future we can [POSITIVE DIRECTION]!

No Texas Tech!!! Red Raider Nation isn’t happy…especially this guy:

^^^ This.

It seems like every time you have NCAA stuff tOSU is never there. I would be buying it it were.

Yet another reason why I like

Well done.

Too bad the WVU hoodie depicted in the top picture isn’t offered. I’d rather mine say “West Virginia” than “Mountaineers” across the front. Also, is there a sizing chart available?

it is being offered.

Yeah, A&M may or may not be better than Texas, but it’s sure better than those other schools they listed. :wink:

is there a sizing chart to go off of for these?

Are these men’s, women’s or unisex sizes? Can’t find the sizes anywhere.

Where’s Penn State?

Unfortunately, Woot couldn’t even find headless mannequins willing to wear Penn State gear in public.

I was so excited to see my West Virginia hoodie arrived today until I opened the package. Looking at a friggin’ Longhorn hoodie. I guess Woot doesn’t know that here in Mountaineer country I could get shot at wearing this. :frowning: Hope I hear from customer service soon as last time it took forever. I sure do miss the old Woot!

Gasp! I’m so sorry for the mix up- we should be responding within 2 business days. Hopefully it was just a one-off issue and we can get you fixed up ASAP.


What t-sipper authored that writeup?
I’m outraged!
Planning to take it out on woot by making the shipping department work extra hard packing a lot of those A&M sweatshirts…

Sizing info I dug up from ebay listings of Knights Apparel:
M (windbreaker)
Arm pit to arm pit 24
Length 28

XL (windbreaker)
Armpit to Armpit is 28", Top back collar to Bottom of front is 32.5" and Shoulder Seam to end of the cuff is 24.5"