NCAA Licensed Pumpkin Cookie Jars

Needs more Beaver… Oregon State Beavers.

I don’t get it?! Where’s the Hurricane love? I see Florida and Florida State all the time, but never the Miami Hurricanes. All we want for Christmas is THE UUUUUUUU

Big 12 looks like it is represented well here. Let’s Go Mountaineers!

How bout some Cuse love?!

No Louisville fan likes the wing logo. I wish they’d stop.

Woot - your HQ is in Seattle!!! Why oh why do you never have Huskies stuff in these NCAA sales?!?!

NCAA MY FOOT. Missing the DUCKS!! No Pac 12 teams just the SEC and we know what kind of losers they are. Sheesh!! Of course, they are kinda slow down there so they might like this deal. Call us when you have some real College teams to showcase.

Well, these are obviously after-Halloween closeouts, and won’t really be usable for another 10 months or so… and only $10 off?

Not really what I call a deal.

Well, thanksgiving is still ok for gourds and pumpkins… right?

Also, glad to see my Hawkeyes represented! I went in on Hawkeye Santa already, so ill leave it up to the rest of the Iowans to get these.

Where’s the Penn State cookie jar? Well, maybe they can’t order over the internet from prison.

And yeah, these should be at least half price, or less.

Great, VT has been dissed again!

Seriously? People buy these?

(I guess not, or they wouldn’t be discounted on Woot!)

Mike…that hurt. :wah: