NCAA Licensed Santas

It’s bad enough you don’t have a Nebraska Cornhuskers Santa, but to not have a Coca-Cola classic Santa on the Coke page is shameful! Did Krampus visit that page?

Now just 20+ days left until Christmas,

I would buy a Rutgers one in a heart beat

No Ducks, no buy!

Waaaah, the Alabama one is sold out. I want one.
ROLL TIDE :smiley:

How big or how small are these Santas?

Features & Specs say 15" tall

Morning, sleepy eyes. :tongue:

I know we’re having a rough year, but you’re telling me you have ECU, but not the U. of Florida?

List is FAIL without University of Miami.
Best college team money can buy!

What no Kentucky Wildcats?! hmmmph~

Does the buyer understand that there are great universities WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI??? You know, UCLA, USC, OREGON, STANFORD, ARIZONA, CAL, WASHINGTON, ETC, ETC, ETC???

Think of it this way… the great colleges all sold out and we get the leftovers. :tongue:

THere’s also a great university that borders the Mississippi! At the University of Illinois, Santa appreciates not only athletics, but also academics! Go ILLINI!

Shame Shame Santa, No Oklahoma Santa. We couldn’t have ALL been naughty Sooners!!!

WOOT!! Is there any chance of these selling again soon? I missed out on the deal for the mother-in-law…HELP!!

Watch our Plus sales. There’s a link to a list of all sales in my signature. It’s updated by about 9:30am weekdays.

Perfect! I’ll keep an eye on it…crosses fingers

These idiots sent me a substituted a NORMAL Santa for my NCAA Santa. I wasn’t ordering Santa crap… I was ordering NCAA crap… Seeing if I can return it… What a huge pain in the ass!!!

Why can’t I see tracking information yet? I ordered this on the 29th of NOV and no response from woot customer service! I ordered this for my parents. Woot has gone to crapola for sure. They used to be helpful. Will not buy from again!