NCAA Men's Polyfleece 1/4 Zip

Do these have pockets?

Why does it seem that every time there is a NCAA Item for sale that Purdue University is not on the list? Must be a better item for sold out already or copy rights.

A lot of that has to do with NCAA licensing agreements and the such. There’s so many schools out there that we can’t possibly get to each one, but I’ll bring up Purdue to the team for possible future sales!

WTF woot??? How come University of Michigan is not included. This sucks, you guys blow

Or maybe there’s just more demand for joke academic schools with strong football teams, like Alabama.

I was a fan of Woot until Ohio was poorly left out/non-represented in these sales. I joke, of course. They are THE Ohio State and probably a licensing issue as previously mentioned. =P

You’ve got to be kidding me. This comment just shows how ignorant some people are. If you knew anything about licensing, or even trademarks for that matter, you’d know the moderator’s response is 100% true. There are NCAA licensing, conference, and institution contracts that may or may not be granted based on the manufacture, type of merchandise, etc. If you weren’t so ignorant, maybe you “non joke degreed” people could simply Google this topic if you didn’t believe the moderator, who just so happens to be in a business that sells a plethora of merchandise. I’ll take my “joke academic school” over where ever you went every day for the rest of my life.