NCAA & NFL Throwback Footballs

One would think the word “throwback” would refer to things using older logos, not the logo that is used today. I have never liked Iowa States latest logo and I sure won’t be buying it on something that is considered a “throwback.”

They only managed to find the thowback NE PATS logo.

How is PSU omitted??

Part of their NCAA sanctions, clearly.

Dang Woot, ya blew it! There goes your only Iowa State buyer!


Every time you exclude Penn State, a kitten loses it’s eyelids.

True story, you heartless bastages.

Someone has to buy it.

If I can find something else I want to buy on one of these thousands of Woot pages there are now I will buy the Bengals football as an add-on. Deal?

How about the Oilers???

You pay $5 per cart load, no matter how much you put in it.

There’s a link to a list of all Plus sales in my signature too. That might make it easier.

Congrats, Woot! You went all the way back to 1984 to find the current West Virginia U logo!

But, there is no ‘throwback’ Seahawks. We started in 1974. We did go from a ‘happy’ Seahawk to a ‘serious’ Seahawk logo, I guess…

Damn. Wish I found this earlier. Go Pats!

Where’s FSU? You know, Florida State? The current Champs? :-/

Oh, I know how it all works, believe me. I was just looking to add to the total so I don’t pay 50% of the cost of the item in shipping. If I found something else on here I wanted to get I was going to also get the football so the $5 shipping wouldn’t be a big deal.