NCAA Pumpkins!

How are you NOT going to carry the best basketball team in the Nation like Duke Blue Devils? Instead you carry UNC and all there criminals? Unbelievable. Woot has let me down on this one.I would have bought 3 easily and shared on all my duke forums.

The best…lolol

How would you NOT carry the team that put out the best team in the nation in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

I think you meant the Syracuse Orangemen!

Maybe we should buy all the TarHoles pumpkins and have a bonfire.

By the way, GO BLUE DEVILS!

Ohio State??

You show Michigan but it is not listed while you don’t have Michigan State which is better all around than Michigan!

Hey, look TT… did you know they make pumpkins with your initials?

Never any love for Temple University :confused:

Anyone actually own one of these? Are they worth this much?

I was wondering the same thing, where is the one for Ohio State?

WHAT??!! No Penn State???!!

Maybe it’s on pumpkin probation.

they sell for more on amazon

I can’t believe you don’t have the #2 football team in the nation!! GO DUCKS!! OREGON has been in the rankings for the past 10 years and still can’t get any respect even in pumpkins.

All I got to say is: GO GEORGIA!

Glad to see Georgia Tech for a change, but I can’t see spending this much, plus shipping on one of these.

I too was curious as to why they show a Michigan pumpkin then have neither of the State of Michigan teams available

Texas is a big state, and you don’t even have the team from Texas? Where is Texas A&M Aggies?