NCAA Pumpkins!

I bought one (GO VOLS!) last year from Woot. It still looks good (sat outside for a month last year and has been in the attic the rest of the time). It is heavier than I expected, good color. I would recommend.

Texas Tech??! Seriously? Where is Texas A&M or UT (Hook em!)? Geez might as well have included Austin Community College on there too…

Maryland never gets respect on here

Before everyone gets butthurt…it’s not like they went out and bought all these just to sell on Woot. This is leftover Amazon stock and probably the good teams you want were all sold at normal price.

Maybe Fats uses UNC pumpkins as dead drops for athletes to pick up keys to their new rides.

Michigan and Florida are pictured and yet not offered…

Florida’s best pumpkins transferred, and Michigan’s pumpkin fell off the table and now has a crack running through it. They thought no one noticed so they’d rush it back out to be sold, but no one’s buying it.

Or even the best team in Texas . . . Baylor! Seriously lacking when BYU and Marshall are out there, but of course, it could be these are the clearance items that no one bought.

Where is Ohio State? The greatest university on the planet? Purdue? Illinois? Is this some kind of sick joke?

They’re resin pumpkins with college logos on them, it’s already a sick joke.

No Texas A&M…where is the national camp spirt…# missed out on major sales…

We own one of these, fun and pretty good quality. Had a storm come through and blow ours down the front stairs…didn’t seem to phase it!


It’s football season, although I can understand, now that the fantasy is over, why Duke fans are already thinking about basketball.

Maybe they were looking ahead to next week’s polls.

Really? You have LOLinois, the Whoosiers, and PU of the B1G Ten, but you don’t have the Northwestern University Wildcats?

I will buy almost any Northwestern merch. Get a clue.


I got a set of these last year for my Dad and I. Great quality, looks great. BTW, we got the Marshall pumpkins. Go Herd!

I think you spoke too soon with this comment.

I’ve noted that when offering NCAA items, they often do not have Ohio State…hmmm…maybe they simply didn’t have any left when they bought up the extras for sale here? :slight_smile: GO BUCKS!!

No Texas A&M, no sale!

woot! does not condone the actions of “state penn”. although the NCAA reversed its punishment on penn state for allowing old men to do terrible things to children, woot has higher standards for universities. We would greatly appreciate you take your “state penn” fandom back to the middle of no where that the school is located.

thank you