NCAA Quilted Throws

Georgia and Georgia Southern, but no Georgia Tech?

Hail Southern! (I’m as shocked as you are) But can’t wait to play you guys this year!

Does all the NCAA team gear feature the same teams? I’ve given up on looking for Princeton gear, but am still hoping for Louisville Cardinals.

I know everyone hates us… but there is hardly ever any Michigan swag on woot. For one of the biggest fan bases in the country, you’d think there would be some available. C’mon woot… help us out.

While I’m a Sparty fan, I can say that generally the stuff we can’t get our hands on, is stuff that’s already been bought up by that large fan base…

IF you offered one from Arizona State I might actually buy one…to use it on that one week when it’s cold.

Awwww no Ohio State?!?

These quilts have been up a couple of times so, take heart! These are the leftovers :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: And I am pretty sure there were Michigan ones the first time. There also were UNC ones but I don’t remember anything for GT…