NCAA Quilted Throws

One of you genius’ need to get the WV logo displayed with the WV throw, not some SEC school.

I would like a West Virginia one but the one that says West Virginia has a different school emblem. Do you have any West Virginia ones?

Would have already bought my limit of the WV ones if I could see what it looks like and I liked it.

I was gonna comment on the WVU throw but glad to see some fellow Mountaineers here too! Let’s gooooo Mountaineers!

I would comment on the use of an Auburn image on a supposed WVU throw but it looks like the Mountaineers alumni has it covered.

I’m disappointed that you consistently have UF and FSU items, but never seem to give the University of Miami any love, Woot! I would definitely buy this, and would have purchased other items you recently had, if Miami options were available :confused:

It might be b/c the Miami fan base is “relatively” small. It is a private school…isn’t it? The enrollment of most other major conference schools is in the high 20K to 50K students. More students = more potential buyers, including all-time graduates.

Not saying there’s not enough to buy SOMETHING that woot might sell with the U logo on it, just trying to help you understand why you usually see more of the giant university logos on here.

And WVU fans are probably the most rabid of them all. They buy product with the flying WV like it’s about to be discontinued.

According to some people uou can’t travel anywhere in this world without finding a flying WV. I’ve seen them everywhere I’ve traveled, so it holds true for me. (Of course… I have a tattoo of one).

Who the heck is Auburn, lol! Let’s Go Mountaineers!!! Please Woot, answer us because a lot of WVU fans want this quilted throw! I would be sorely disappointed to order this and actually receive the Auburn one.

I know, it’s bad enough that ESPN and most other networks dis us but Woot too?!

Found a pic of the WV one here:
It is awesome, the best looking of the whole bunch. If this is the one woot has offered I am in for one, maybe two …

Where are these quilts made/sourced, Woot?

I’ve just asked but, you know… weekend.

Thanks, TT. That’s what I figured…

Ugh, TT or someone please help! I guess it’s been too long since I’ve ordered something and I forgot the routine or something–I expected to have the option to put in a new shipping address, but accidentally just paid $18 for two-day shipping to my home address when I need these for Christmas gifts at my parents address instead!! ;_; I shot an email off using the support page, but am not sure who that goes to or if it’ll get there in time considering the fast delivery I selected. Do I have any options here?

Well, since it’s 2am Woot-time on a Saturday, I suppose the issue described in my comment above is a lost cause. On the off chance someone from Woot sees this and can make a change/cancelation/whatever–my order number is 473xxxx and the Alabama address I intended to ship it to is now listed in my account. Also, feel free to delete this comment if I should not be sharing an order number in the forums. :confused:

May as well post the image:

Thanks! Hope the one I ordered looked like this and doesn’t have the Auburn logo on it :slight_smile:
C and F is a well known company for bedding and quilts. Their April Cornell quilts are gorgeous so I assume the WVU quilted throw (hopefully with the WVU logo, not Auburn) will be equally as nice.