NCAA Santa Clauses

The team I want isn’t there. ;-;

Go Cougs!

Santa is the reason for the season. How else could you get almost every child in the nation to like Xmas? :slight_smile:

Same. Mine isn’t here. :frowning:

Pac 12 = Naughty

Best team in the nation still getting no love here, as well as the best conference. Oh well, this is woot. These are probably the teams that didn’t sell someplace else. Then again… woot ain’t what it used to be, either.

Mine isn’t here either - Wyoming, GO POKES!!

I do have a question about the Ohio State SC; Can you tell me if the name Alison is on his list? If so, I’m in for one (for a friend)


Why does Santa need a team? A plain Santa would have been a nice choice.

These are all FAKES!

The real Santa Claus is a Penn State fan.

It’s true. Go look it up.

Isn’t it supposed to be Santa Clai?

Michigan > Ohio State! Go Blue!

Now that’s funny. Tell me some more jokes.

What, no WVU Santa? Probably just looked too much like an old Mountaineer instead of a santa, lol…

Next Week (for those schools who didn’t have an NCAA Santa Clause): NCAA Krampuses

This thread is about Santa, not about the number of grads working McDonald’s drive-through from each school.

The Alabama logo is backwards.

Nothing wrong with working a drive-thru–GO BLUE!

Where is Baylor!?!

Where is Penn State? The largest alumni group in the world!! You are losing $$$$.

Hey I really wanted to get my son the NCAA Santa Clauses but there is never one from Texas Tech!!! Do you think you will get some in?? Really disappointed :frowning: