NCAA Throws

As a transfer student starting at UO in about a month…I feel that I should buy a duck throw. You know…so I can be snuggled and comforted by my school’s colors and mascot. I feel the love…or will as soon as the throw arrives…

whooo! more than Texas and SEC!

I only want one with a Johnny Manziel autograph.
Sorry woot.

Woot, please do an NCAA for Hockey too!

Where is Navy, Army and Air Force? : (

Sure. Have a Utah throw, but not BYU throw. I guess that’s another reason for BYU to beat Utah this season. :slight_smile:

Do you really need to wash these on delicate? How durable are they for outdoor events???

How do none of these NCAA sales ever have Cal merchandise? It would sell out in seconds.

As an Air Force alum I’m wondering the same thing :confused: we got skipped on those folding chairs a little while go too.

If any money goes to the hypocritical NCAA boycott this sale!

Where’s Illinois? We’ll have to win the Rose Bowl to get noticed!

So there’s specs somewhere? dimension?, material of construction?

Are these simply paper napkins?

Glad to see Louisville represented here. Keep up the good work, woot!

Sales maps are pretty interesting on these.

Can I get Johnny Football to autograph it?

So, there is an Ole Miss throw, but none for Mississippi State… nice… sigh… :frowning:

The Indiana throws were snapped up quickly - no surprise there.

After losing the last three they could use some motivation. Still not gonna happen though. Go Utes!

Is the Aggie throw discounted? These are obviously old throws from back when they were a Texas team.

Dear Woot,

You have left out many of the major colleges and some minor ones that are really good, (Just not east coast). Please offer a better selection so those of us who would by one aren’t offended when we don’t see our college here.

Milwaukee School of Brew Masters
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