NCL Security Wireless Network IP Day/Night Camera

Umm, yeah. Not much pricing links to be had tonight.

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $229.00

Direct from Manufacturer $229.00

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NCL Security Wireless Network IP Day/Night Camera
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 NCL Security IPC-WZ300N Wireless Network Day/Night Camera

BizRate Wireless Security Cams… lowest is $35… worth a look. Wireless Security Cams… lowest is $50… don’t waste your time.

…otherwise… this is a bunk woot… so… since i know you were all going to ask for a site note… here is Shopzilla’s HOTTEST Pet Costumes… cuz i know you know Halloween is sneaking up fast… and i KNOW you love cats in top hats… sooo cute/killer… enjoy that.

I always feel like… somebody’s watching meeeeeeee

Hard to find…
Actual Mfg. Link - Specs and more … $229

Browse from $80+
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Nice! I’ve been waiting for a cam like this. These wireless net cams are perfect to monitor our work. I’m in for two!

Creep school janitor + IP camera = 10 o’clock news headline.

Very cool! I want one. Perhaps I’ll get two and have one watch the other one.

heck, you didn’t say how BIG this gadget is?

will it fit into, say, a kleenex box? a stuffed animal? a clock radio??

just asking.


and power is 5VDC?? no mention of a power adapter?

Oh, awesome. The girl next door isn’t quite as “next door” anymore. Thanks, woot!

Peeping Tom

…15fps @ VGA resolution? World’s most ugliest IP Network camera EVER! Not water-resistant. Overpriced. Oh did I mention ugly ugly ugly? No way… nite woot

Man, as a paranoid teenager with OCD, you have no idea how much I would love this! Damn minimum wage job!

Who can it be now? I was there and saw what you did – saw it with my wi-fi cam. So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been, and it’s all been a pack of lies.

I like the snarky comment when you click on the picture for the other views.

These cameras run a tiny distribution of linux. Their ‘firmware’ is just a compressed ext2 initrd.

Definitely fun for tinkerers. I already have a wired one though, so passes

I was tempted to get this.

But I cant find reviews anywhere.
I can’t find more than a few other places selling it.

It may not suck, but I guess I will let everyone else be the guinea pig

Looks like I can get robbed by woot to!

Having a nice new house, this looks pretty cool, but still a luxury. Closest I’ve come to Wooting in a while though. :wink:

I could use one of these to monitor my Alzheimer stricken Mothers escapades but it seems expensive.Anyone seen any cheaper models?