NcSTAR Scopes

Woot puts scopes up here all the time now. And I’d look into buying 1 if they would just show a picture of the site…

If you are referring to the reticle, you can do a quick Google search for the scope and click on images.
If you search out an optic and find little to no details, it’s more than likely something you should pass on.

Mil-dot and P4 sniper reticles look pretty similar. Both are crosshairs with marks to estimate range. I won’t go in-depth on how to read range (there are plenty of resources online that can explain better than I), but here’s a quick view of what each looks like:

I would also stay away from NcSTAR. This company is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to optics. Expect to pay a little more than this if you want something that is worth having at all.

Thank you for all the replies. Big help.

I have an NcStar on an AR. It was nearly dead on right out of the box. After being taken off once and ~400 rounds, it’s still zeroed with no fiddling around with it.

I have a few NcSTAR scopes, would not recommend anyone purchase these. Except maybe for a .22 where you’re not looking to shoot more than 50yds.

Also for the AK owners feeling left out, go with Kalinka optics. They even sell genuine PGO-7B3 sights.