NcStar Tactical 2-7x32 Mark III Riflescope

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NcStar Tactical 2-7x32 Mark III Riflescope
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New


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Seems legit. I guess I could scope it out.

I see what you did there…

Time to check out the product page

Dear WootSquatch,

We would be much less likely to kill you if you’d just come out into the open and hang out. All this “hiding behind trees” and then suddenly popping out tends to scare the crap out of some of us humans…

I thought I saw him, but I couldn’t catch him. I’m so confused.

nothing loading. Maybe he was found

How does it normally work?

sorry, I’m no help. Nothing normal around here!

So, from what I understand… the “Where’s WootSquatch” banner on the Sports Woot page occasionally (a couple times a day) changes from a silhouette with a question mark to a yellow WootSquatch somewhere else on that banner. To “get” him, you need to click on the yellow WootSquatch, after which you will be directed to a BOC page with a handful of BOCs available. The only time I “caught” him the BOC was already sold out by the time I got there.

But there is hope… after all, they are doing this all week long…

Bought this a while back. Wouldn’t hold a zero on my AR15. Ended up spending the extra money to get a SigTac Prismatic scope instead.

Thanks. I’ve been hopelessly clicking on everything trying to find a link. I haven’t tried for a BOC for a long time so I’m out of practice.

Did it move every time you shot or would it move from getting banged around?

Good luck!
Happy hunting!

Actually, here is the real product page on the manufacturer’s website:

It shows the different reticle types and this website lets you compare features. If we had the specific part numbers we could really get anal about it.

These things are not worth putting on an air rifle.

It usually takes a week for them to answer emails now a days… I got a problem solved through a mod 3 days before they even acknowledged my email

The reticle would move about 3-4 inches (at 25 meters) every couple of shots.