NcStar Tactical 2-7x32 Mark III Riflescope

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NcStar Tactical 2-7x32 Mark III Riflescope
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WOOTSQUATCH!!! Um, isn’t his name, Barry?

Check out the product page

Looking at reviews it seems like there have been a lot of issues with the QD mount loosing up and the reticle being misaligned. Refurbs are probably attempts to correct these issues. Retails new for around $110 or so.
This scope is targeted (pun intended) at the .223/5.56 crowd. It has built in bullet drop compensation based on 5.56mm 55 gr. bullet which is standard ammo.
One other thing that several reviewers mentioned was that the illuminated reticle was too bright.

I bought this last time it was on sale on Woot. I received it a couple weeks ago, and out of the box it was already having problems. The reticles would only light up inconsistently, it seems that the dial on the side doesn’t make good contact.

Despite that, I got it mounted on my .308 and took it to the range. It seems to hold zero well with the 100 rounds I put down range, but if you change the zoom power the point of impact moves. Going from 3x to 7x at 25 yards moved the point of impact about 2 inches.

I don’t know if I just got a crappy one or if they’re all like this, but I would not buy another NC Star scope if you’re looking for reliability.

I got one of these on the last sale. Holding zero on my 5.56 AR after hundreds of rounds down range. The mount is solid once adjusted per the instructions.

Windage on mine is funky, it doesn’t have the same positive clicks with adjustment that elevation has. Still, it seems to be holding and adjusting fine

Point of impact doesn’t move too drastically when I change zoom level, but YMMV. My local range only goes out to 100 yards, and that’s where I mostly shoot this rifle.

For a cheap optic, the glass is pretty clear. I don’t use the illuminated reticle because I don’t feel the need while at the range. I have a red dot on something else to serve that purpose.

This stuff belongs on an air soft rifle and no where near a real firearm. Their quality is subpar from what I have seen. Cheap and firearms are a combo that dont work well and can get people hurt.

I would recommend something from “Primary Arms”. They are inexpensive and good for range use. Their quality is very good for app the same price.

For duty use be ready to use good optics or stick with iron sights.

notice how everything they are showing is airsoft, no real firearms

Bought three from woot a while back. The first one the windage knob won’t stay on. On the second one it’s next to impossible to unlock the “quick” disconnect. And on the third one nothing happens when you turn the windage.

I also bought three of their full size rifle scopes. SSDD.

I gave one of the tactical ones and one of the scopes to a “friend”. I put one of the rifle scopes on my 10/22. I use the third as a spotting scope. The one tactical scope that won’t come off is still on my HD AR. And the third one? I bought an adapter and my son uses it on his Nerf blasters. He is VERY tactical now.