NcSTAR Tactical 2-7x32 Mark III Scopes

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NcSTAR Tactical 2-7x32 Mark III Scopes
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Do you have to plug this in to somewhere in order for it to work? or can you just use it with a battery? thanks

It takes a standard lithium 2032 battery. It probably even comes with one. Obviously you only need the battery for it to illuminate the reticle. Without the battery, you just have a standard black reticle.

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Link to some reviews at Cheaper Than Dirt.

And a video review on YouTube.

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Got this in a bag of crap a few weeks ago. I’m happy to sell it for $50 OBO, let me know if you’re interested.

Got this last time, I like it a lot. I’ve used quite a few optics over the years and from what I can say of this one, it’s certainly worth $60. I’ve used the quick release and put it back on multiple times and it’s still shooting where it was when I first sighted it in. (given at 50 yd, but still pleased) I’d still be happy if I’d spent $90 or more on it. Just my 2 cents.

Will this mount on a PIC rail? is this a red-dot scope or just a scope?

Will this mount on a PIC rail? is this a red-dot scope or just a scope?

It will mount on a Pic rail. No, it’s not a red-dot scope (2-7X mag). It has a red/green lighted reticle (or off).

I’ve had the same experience as you. I love mine and would buy it again. I use it on an AR mounted on the picatinny rail. Quick release works great. If I needed another I’d grab it.

If these hold zero for any amount of time consider yourself lucky. NcStar and Barska optics really fall into the throw away category because that’s what most people do when they break/stop working.

For a bit more money you can get something better. Primary Arms, Bushnell, Vortex, etc. are companies who make budget optics, but are above NcStar.

Just trying to save some of you some grief.

my NcStar -Not this model, but a P4 sniper - on an AR, was only one click low right out of the box.
Still holding steady after 450 rounds. I’m happy.