NcStar VISM Blue Laser (2 Mount Styles)

Will it fit a glock 19 gen 3?

Will it fit a 9mm berreta? 92FS

It looks to have a standard rail mount, so I would think it would fit any Glock or Beretta with a rail.

We can’t answer for specific guns but per the features:

will fit Weaver/ Picatinny/ MIL-STD 1913 type rails.

What is the advantage of a blue laser over a red laser for this application?

Blue is between red and green in brightness and in battery usage. Green is easier to see during the day but eats batteries. Red is better on battery life but hard to see in bright situations. I don’t have this exact model so I can’t say how good it is. Reviews on Amazon are so-so and it’s over $50. For the price here it can always be a backup if you don’t like it enough to keep it on a primary weapon.

Reviews on Amazon say it won’t turn off completely, it stays on just gets dim when you turn it off, so it goes through batteries over night.

Does the under barrel rail mount come with it?