Neat Receipts 4 Plus Mobile Scanner w/ Case + Digital Filing Software

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Neat Receipts 4 Plus Mobile Scanner w/ Case + Digital Filing Software
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Neatco Neat Receipts 4 Plus Mobile Scanner w/ Case + Digital Filing Software
  • 1 ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Software

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will this do duplex scanning and also will a business card scan with this or is it to thick

Got one of these last time it was offered well worth the investment

Hmm, the manufacturer’s website.

Here’s the product page with a nice video description of the scanner… offered for $200 too! Again, Woot’s got a deal here…assuming you have a use such a scanner.

As a warning, when they say “PC ONLY”, they mean “PC ONLY”.

You can’t download the Mac software - they expect you to purchase a “Mac Version” of the hardware to get the Mac software.

Or, you can buy it for $80.

Yes, $80. Not joking. - scroll down to NeatWorks for Mac.

The reviews for these types of things are just ‘so-so’ on Buzzilions.

maybe i’m not as much of a techie as i think i am…but i’m not a spy, so a portable scanner really isn’t in my list of must haves

I see that they have a Mac version, and the manufacturers website even suggests that the only difference between the two is the software.

None the less, this isn’t the Mac version, and I’m assuming I can’t get the software separately?

Is anyone familiar with the software it comes with? Is it useful?

Does it do business cards too?

How about OCR? I would like to make a wallpaper sized print of my Woot! receipts.

I’d also really like to know if this thing will do duplex scanning.

First timer Video!

Does it create a paradox when you scan its own receipt?

Is this a good solution to scanning home receipts, letter size receipts from invoices etc? The amount of paperwork we get is ridiculous. I’d love to throw away all the receipts, but I guess stores still need the originals? Grr

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I’ve got this, and it’s fantastic. The software gets a little cranky when I’ve got a couple hundred items that I’ve scanned but haven’t filed yet, but there’s a remote possibility that might be my fault.

The scanner feeds well, but sometimes gets stuck on paper with a crease. Fold the paper the other way or pull it through gently and the problem is solved.

The software is useful. It will auto-detect what you’re scanning and figure out if it’s a receipt, business card, or document. Accuracy here is about 90%, and it’s easy to move items from one category to another. Once something is scanned into your inbox, you review the item if you like, update fields like vendor or dollar amounts, categorize for taxes, and file.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that when backing up, the software exports the data and then zips the files. That’s great, but I decided to scan my grandmother’s recipe cards so I could index them and share them with a cousin, but I’ve got so many cards that the backup file was suddenly too large to zip. I had to export the recipes and delete them from the database in order to be able to do a backup.