Neat Receipts v4.0 Document Management System with Scanner



… I’ve stuck through the crap. Come on! Where’s my reward? :frowning:


Will this work for woot receipts?


A receipt scanner. Be still my beating heart.

Have This, Great for keeping your receipts organized, and able to look back and see when you bought an item.


shame… i really needed a scanner…
but i dont need the prop pc in the pic…

Are you required to have a job to get one of these?

The wife will be up soon, get to something good!

129 at Costco AFTER rebate…

No wanty

I think Woot is playing a dangerous game offering us crap like this…

I’m not being a smart-ass, but seriously, do these things work with Linux?

Wow, that’s a good price. It goes for $124.99 on Amazon.

They sell these in airports now.

“You can’t have the computer or the receipt either”

I’m not buying it if I can’t have the receipt.