Neat Receipts v4.0 Document Management System with Scanner

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Neat Receipts v4.0 Document Management System with Scanner
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Neat Receipts v4.0 Organizing Scanner for PC Only

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here’s a previous woot

5 stars on

or…you can buy a printer with a scanner on it for half the price.

I ordered this tha last time it was offered. It does a great job of recognizing what it has scanned. It has been a savior for me in filing my expense reports!

My mother, a computer lightweight, uses this system and has no problems with it. According to her, she uses it to write off thousands of dollars of sales tax yearly. I don’t have that kind of drive, but perhaps others do.

This is probably the only computer product she has that she can use completely without help and has never asked for any on, so that should let you know difficulty of use.

Why the $15.00 price increase? Am I missing something or wasn’t this offered for $55.00 previously?

Yes you could.
But those are not portable, do not run on usb voltage, or have document recognition software.

That’s what I want to know too! I was tempted but I guess I’ll wait to see if it’s on the next woot off to save money.

If you have time to load your grocery and Walmart underwear purchase receipts onto a computer via this device then you have way, way too much free time.

It was $79 when I bought it. And well worth the price. So today is a $10 price decrease!

My boss purchased this for work and it made things so much easier than holding every receipt. I reccomend it.

Canadian tech review on Youtube:


GetConnected-Tech Look-Neat Receipts Scanner](

A printer with a scanner on it doesn’t fit easily in a travel bag.

Seems to be a good deal based on the price.

149.00 =


$179.98 =

The previous woot had more in the box as well, wall mount. I’ve seen this work and it’s great. With tax time coming up I wish I had it last year.

Does anyone know if you can scan something like a magazine article and have the resulting document be text plus images?

Or alternatively, if it creates a PDF, is the text in the PDF file searchable?

This scanner is awesome. I keep it in my computer bag and it’s light enough to go with me anywhere. It’s a great portable scanner regardless of the software that you use with it. I’ve got the Mac version and I believe the scanner itself is identical but the PC only designation is referring to the software only (I think).

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