Neat Receipts v4.0 Document Management System with Scanner

I have the silver model and it is great. I scan just about anything I think I might need to look at again, from general receipts to important documents (warranties, agreements, etc). I highly recommend it for letting go of the paper clutter without letting go of the information.

Buzzillion reviews are decent, but not great. 3.3 stars on average.

Looks like with the Wootoff firing up everybody completely ignored this one…

I got one (a white variety) in my recent BоC - and let me tell you - it kicks!

I’ve reduced the paper piles on my desk with it to a great degree! You just insert a document, click scan, and you’re done! You can use the proprietary software that comes with it, or you can just scan to PDF (OCR’ed and searchable). You can also access it from your favorite scanning software via TWAIN interface!

Now, when I get a bill or a letter, or another thing I ordered online with one of these big full-page receipts, or anything else that I will need later, which does not have to be in original form - I just scan it (takes about 15 seconds) and destroy the original. My desk really looks a lot neater now!

My take on this one:

  • Very fast scanning
  • Great OCR software, reads some of the very fancy fonts on those business cards and receipts (but of course there’s a limit)
  • Fast
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Very portable, powers off USB, comes with carrying pouch, and can de-facto be a scanner for your laptop.


  • Document feeder is a bit weak, so can crook up the doc during load, especially if it’s a letter that has fold marks. The scans will come out pretty funny then.
  • Does not have as many options as desktop scanners.
  • If a document has wide black band, it thinks it’s the end of page

As you can see pros are more and stronger than cons! A great thing to reduce your paper piles on your desk!

The program that comes with it is horrible. But you don’t have to use it.

Stores the data in an SQL database of all things. I mean, I can understand a proprietary index, but storing the data itself not in the Windows file system?

Reeks of poor design.

I have one. I don’t use it. I couldn’t find a real reason to scan anything, other than tax documents.

Anyone know the major differences between the white and the silver one? I looked at the photo and the description. The white one does look more modern (and I’m certain it’s a new revision, as I have the silver one myself).

The main question is, anyone have any idea which one is the better choice? Because if they white one really is an upgrade, I would consider buying one to replace the silver one I have now.

Thanks in advance!

Is there really a hardware difference between this model and the mac version or is it strictly software?

Guess I answered my own question…

Is NeatReceipts for Mac different than the PC version?

Yes and no. NeatReceipts for Mac features the same mobile scanner as the PC version. However, the software, NeatWorks for Mac 3.0, was designed from the ground up specifically for Mac OS X - it’s not just a port of the PC version to the Mac platform. NeatReceipts for Mac was developed in Cocoa (Apple programming environment) to provide an easy to use, functional interface that looks and feels like the applications Mac owners use every day.

How many things are valid after being scanned? Would the IRS take them in an audit?

99% should be valid.
I mean, banks even accept scanned versions of checks instead of originals! My credit union allows me to scan checks written in my name and upload the images to them for deposit, while I retain the actual original!

By the way, this is another good use for this little scanner! Couldn’t get it to work with bank software via TWAIN, but scanning and uploading does work!

Thanks LEM-! Interesting.

Well I bit… I have been looking at these at Costco and Sams Club for quite a while, I just couldn’t lay down $180. Great deal Woot!!!

I got this here or main woot awhile back, with the 3.0 software and the silver version scanner.

LEM- has nailed it in his message above, but I can add one thing: you can feed your receipts into it in any orientation, and the program figures it out and rotates it as needed for character recognition and storage. So, if a receipt is mangled and doesn’t feed right, you can delete that scan and try any different orientation, even diagonally. After some use you’ll “know” a mangled piece of paper that won’t feed right one way and you’ll feed it the best way the first time. But a mangled scan from mangled paper is pretty rare. (You always have to put the printed side facing down though. It can’t read “through” the paper, of course!)

I was surprised how well this works. And the scanner itself can be used directly with other (graphics) software using its standard TWAIN driver.

I used one of these helping executives with expense reports. They are perfect for business travelers, and also reducing home clutter.

The best thing about using it for home, is you can actually FIND what you are looking for. Just scan stuff into one big pdf document, and you can search for keywords instead of having to find a file name for every piece of paper.

Tip: If you have a tiny receipt or one that is mangled, you can get a document carrier like fax machines use to prevent jams.

Here is the website link
It appears that the white model is the newest model as the silver is not on the website.

Hope this helps. I’m finally gonna grab one.
I think.

So it will scan a full sheet of paper?
Like a typical computer paper?

Yep, that’s the absolute maximum size it will scan. Except maybe if it’s longer.

Yes, it will scan your normal 8.5x11 computer paper page. And anything smaller down to about 1"x2".

The silver one, it’s called NeatReceipts Scanalizer Professional 2.5 - and there seems to be problems using it on 64 bit computers - software problem.

Here’s the C-net review

The white one appears to be the newer model, but everyone agrees the software sucks.

I would rather say 8.5 x

Granted, I never tested it on an infinite document, but it does work fine on pretty darn long ones. Try scanning a legal document with a regular letter-sized flatbed… Or one of these looong receipts with bunch of junk data, that you need to photocopy to get that $5 rebate. This one eats through them like they’re it’s favorite snack!

Can I still use this with my MAC as long as I have the appropriate software?

This is the fourth time I’ve seen the Neat Receipts thing for sale.

It’s also the fourth time the price has been a bit too much for me to bite.

Can someone reassure me (or not) that this is as low as these things can go? Is this really a bargain?