Neat Receipts v4.0 Document Management System with Scanner

that looks like those thing you vacumm seal weed bags with

How neat!

I could use this for the receipts of everything Woot!

you just sold this… boooring.

For the people that missed it on sellout yesterday?

Wasn’t this just on sellout woot yesterday or am I imagining things?

Break time!

Is it just me, or did we JUST see one of these for sale recently? Like within the past 48 hrs recently?

This was yesterday’s sellout.woot item.

Guess they found some more!

No Mac Love.

Yeah, this was in sellout yesterday.

Woot Killer!

They couldn’t give these away at OH WELL. OFF TO DINNER.

I wonder if the BOC is gonna be repeated on WOOT proper?

Or as a Woot last month, or probably another time before that…

My avatar is cool.

nonsense. This was on sellout.woot today and I didn’t want it then either. Sell a scansnap for this price, then we’ll talk

This was on sellout woot yesterday for the same price. I own one and really like it. It is a great way for packrats to get rid of paper and still keep it electronically.

I also bought one for my brother. I know you are wishing that you were my brother too.

Now I remember…did I miss the BOC already? (As if I could ever get one…)

i love the scanner it does my newspaper comic collection hobby justice. recommended if your not in to hight quality image scans/