Neat Vegan Meat Replacement Sampler (8)

*Read this using Tommy Lee Jones’ voice

I don’t like eating vegan meat… they’re always tough and stringy and you got to boil them for hours to get any sort of tenderness at all. On the positive side though vegans are dead simple to catch 'cause they don’t eat any carbs; so if you can run for more that 5 minutes you’ve got yer self a healthy entree

And I should mention that vegans are kind of gamy “if you know what I mean” but they do pair nicely with fava beans & a glass of Chianti

How is each package equivalent to 1lb of ground beef? They contain like 20g of protein per package versus 65g for 1lb of ground beef?

As long as we’re having fun…

*read using Ron Swanson voice

“Not only does this exist but you’ve deprived someone of real Tacos”

Grossly overpriced. $12 per pound???

Each package turns out to be about $3.75, and it makes 4 burgers.

The packaging doesn’t state that the protein content is equivalent. Nutritionally, Neat is different and better than ground up cow flesh in many ways. Neat has fiber. Cow flesh doesn’t. Neat doesn’t have the cholesterol, muscle fibers, viscera, or animal fat that flesh does. Getting 20g of protein in a burger is not necessary. There are no protein deficiency wards for plant-based eaters in the hospitals. I’m sure the word “equivalent” refers to the fact that a package of Neat makes 4 burgers, while 1 pound of flesh can make 4 burgers.

Ok, not witty, but let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a replacement for meat.