Neat Vegan Meat Replacement Sampler (8)

Neat Vegan Meat Replacement Sampler (8)

How exactly is 5.5oz of whatever this is “Equivalent to 1 pound of ground beef” when an entire packet has less than 1/3 the protein of that pound of ground beef. How many eggs are you adding to this? Do you have protein in your water?

Yup, looks like you have to add eggs.

If you read the write-up from Woot! it looks like they don’t believe it either.

This comes to $3.75 per pound, which is better than the ~$5 per pound at the normal price. If this is a reasonable replacement, then this price is pretty good. I just wish I could sample it first.

Can you explain your math? 30/(44/16) = $10.90 per pound

Can anyone explain the point of marketing yourself as a “vegan” meat replacement if eggs are part of the recipe? Wouldn’t it be better labeled a vegetarian meat replacement?

Does that mean I can sell a vegan chili kit that called for 3 pounds of ground beef?

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The description notes that they include a vegan “egg”. I shudder to imagine a vegan egg.


If I have to eat this kind of crap to stay alive just shoot me!

Yeah, looks like you add water & 2 eggs to get 1 pound of ground barf