NeatConnect Cloud Scanner & Digital Filing

Can the NeatConnect scan directly to searchable PDF when scanning to FTP?

Doesn’t seem like much of deal. You still have to buy the software subscription at $119 a year. Add them together and you have a $10 savings for buying factory refurbished?

Love the Neat concept and have been waiting for a good sale. Guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

A family member having a neat product already the subscription is for the cloud integration and several of the advanced features.

Yuck, what a buggy product. Trying to get the scanner to even attempt to scan a piece of paper, receipt, or card in its dock is an exercise in frustration. Even a basic function like scanning an 8x11" piece of paper to your computer via the USB is a pain - you have to run the Neat software on the desktop, navigate to the correct page, select the correct option… and then cross your fingers that the physical scanner’s sensors find something in its dock (rarely happens) - if not, it won’t even rotate its rollers to attempt to draw it in.

On top of all this, if you don’t want the financial docs you scan being sent across the Internet to be stored seemingly-forever on a Neat cloud, good luck trying to find a secure alternative that works. Doesn’t seem to scan directly to an external hard drive. Doesn’t work with SFTP server, so basic FTP (which can be wirelessly-sniffed for a password), is your only option. If you’re working with momma’s spaghetti recipe and that happens - no biggie - share the wealth. But doing that with health or financial documents is too risky for me. Hate to say it… but until Neat comes out with something less buggy and more secure, I’m going back to the old printer and scanning docs one at a time.