NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System



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NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System
$269.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Meh…3 stars on Amazon…

Why wouldn’t I get an all-in-one inkjet, or apply this towards an all-in-one color laser?


compatible with macs?


Just researched digital scanners and filing systems. Scansnap comes out on top every time. Move along here.


I saw the “Marie” in the headline in my facebook feed and thought that woot! was tailoring their advertising (since my name is Marie). haha


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So it’s a feed scanner + OCR software? or is it something more?


Its good for actual scanning but the automatic data entry part is horrible. And you can get a much better real scanner for like $50.


From one of the reviews at Amazon…


Good Stuff

  • Attractive design.
  • You can click the hardware “Scan” button all day, but you don’t have to file your scans until you want to.

Bad Stuff

  • No adjustable paper guide. Unless you hold it as it’s sucked in, every single document is crooked.
  • Not enough paper support. Creased documents (like a bill) flop back and aren’t grabbed properly.
  • I found the slot for receipts and documents to not match any receipt or document I had… Nice slot for business cards though.
  • The output tray is not attached to the scanner body. Huh?


figured I’d throw this out there…



These sort of organizational scanners have existed for fifteen years. Why aren’t they cheaper? What does this offer that wasn’t available previously besides the three differently sized slots?


This is a scanner that aims to organize documents. It comes with NeatWorks, just like their version that is a portable scanner. An All-in-One will have a scanner, but it won’t include organizational software with OCR capabilities.

Personally I really like my NeatReceipts scanner, and I wish this were a bit cheaper so I could give it a try.


I was all set to purchase this until I read “NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MAC.”

Now I’ve got a pouty face.


When I bought the portable version of this I was hoping it would allow me to easily file all my receipts and be able to search them by ‘invoice’, ‘part’ etc. Unfortunately it doesn’t really do full OCR of the receipt, it tries to identify certain areas like the store name, total, tax and stores them in its database. When you search it only searches the database fields, not the stored receipts and/or searchable PDF’s (it will allow you to export searchable PDF’s). It does allow you to manually enter additional information, but that kind of defeats the purpose.

EDIT: IT DOES THE ABOVE ^^^, I just didn’t realize it (see below). My bad!

The software is a bit slow and will perform clunky on older systems. I have a overclocked i5-750 running at 3.8Ghz and using a solid state drive, when I click between ‘receipts, documents, business cards’ it takes a few seconds to load.

I wouldn’t buy this bundle personally, but the software while perhaps a bit confusing at first will get the job done and there is still room for improvement. I’ve not had any hands on with alternative products so don’t know if this is the best there is out there,

I do wish it was more accurate finding the vendor name for its database, matching the right price and tax. It would be nice to be able to highlight areas of the receipt and drag them to the appropriate field (like Tran ID) instead of having to type them. But I will definitely give the software a higher rating.

EDIT: Thanks to SDC100 and bmxjimp, as well as a few other users here who have corrected me, I am changing up my comments a bit. I now see how it operates with the full OCR after all this time (I’ve had it over two years now). I’m so used to searching PDF’s and seeing the results highlighted on the pages, I falsely assumed this would do the same and didn’t realize the list of receipts were being shown with the matching results, I just have to manually look through the pages to find the results.


I’d like to see a duplex document scanner for $50.


My Neat products are so neat they are still in the box a full year after I purchased them!


The NeatDesk Scanner and Digital Filling system is the neatest filling system of the NeatDeask line of desktop scanners. It also helps systemize, scan, and file digitally much better than other desk scanner and digital-filling systems.


This is a great concept. The real secret though, lies in the software and not really the scanner, although this is also a nice scanner. The software intelligently recognizes hundred sof standard receipts and documents to automatically categorize your scans. It will even convert the text to text via OCR so that you can search for specific documents.

I don’t know if things have changed but past versions of the software were tied directly to the scanner. It wouldn’t work with any other standard TWAIN scanner.

A major plus is that support is INCREDIBLE. I wrote a brief blurb on Amazon and in a few days, I got a reply from the PRESIDENT of the company! Not only did he thank me, but he also addressed my concerns and sent me a FREE copy of an updated version of the software. Form what I understand, the company scans Amazon and other sites for ways to improve their products. My guess is that they;re monitoring Woot right now.


Are you sure about that? I have the portable version and it stores full OCR in the database. I have used it on occasion to find Lowes receipts for a random part I need to return, but I never typed any of the receipt items manually.