NeatDesk Desktop Scanner

Will this work with Macs?

will it wok with latests OS X? or what’s the model number so I can check the company’s website?

same question will this work with Mac computers

+1 on will it work with OSX

Same question does it work with Mac?

Bump. Does it work with Mac?

We need to know if it’s Mac compatible!

Yes, neat organizers are compatible with os x and other mac os platforms.

And does this work with chromebook ??

Any warranty?

Bump. what’s the secret about this unit’s model number? Is it current nd-1000 or one of the many models over the past several years?


Likely not, as there is sophisticated software for arranging and annotating the scanned documents.

Get the right tool for the job.

Looking for model number before I commit!

I’m thinking about getting this to scan/file all gas/grocery receipts mostly and then hospital bills/cell phone bills, etc. from there. Is this the right product for me? Does this automatically file the various scanned receipts into the correct location on my computer?

+1 for model # as well I have the smaller neat scanner but would love to upgrade to the desktop If this is a newer model just refurbished I will jump of this ASAP as well; Hopefully we get a response before this deal is over.

From the previous sale discussion:

Model Number: Per Woot Staff, NeatDesk doesn’t really have model numbers, they differentiate by which platform it is compatible with, PC , Mac or both.

Mac: Yes, this works with both Windows & Mac.

According to Neat’s website there are 2 NeatDesk model numbers the current
NeatDesk is ND-1000 and the serial numbers start with CNLF and the older model NeatDesk is ADF-070108 and those serial numbers start with 5657. Is there anyway to confirm which model your selling here?

I have used with both my Mac & Windows machines (same one, you don’t need different ones for different os’). HOWEVER - DOES NOT WORK WITH MAC’S EL CAPITAN YET. I have confirmed with Neat’s customer service that they are working on the issue. The new Mac OS does NOT recognize their drivers and cannot scan to PDF or to their software because image capture does not recognize the device. They say they will announce when the updated drivers are available with no ETA.