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NeatDesk Desktop Scanner
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linux will recognize the scanner and would scan your document. the “neat” desktop software WON’T work (on linux) and you wouldn’t have the functionality of filing/sorting/searching your scans.


I’ve been interested in one of these for some time but I’m worried about the software. Does it require a subscription or is it included as a one time purchase with the scanner?


A version is included. They always offer me something additional, but I’ve never paid for it and the included software is fine. I say just fine because sometimes it takes adjustments such as reorganizing pages since it doesn’t do double sided files, reentering numbers and dates, etc. That being said, I still like it because it’d be WAY more tedious to do by hand. The only thing that annoys me is sometimes smaller receipts aren’t recognized, so I have to use another to push it down more into the Neat in order for it to scan.


Just to confirm, this version of the software/scanner will work with a Mac, correct?


Yes it is compatible on both Mac and Windows.


Does anyone know how this compares to the ScanSnap S1300i by Fujitsu? I have been looking for a scanner and the price is great. I just wonder if it is compatible with Evernote and the ability to search scanned documents.


What about pictures?


Does this version of the software work with Windows 10?


What format exports can be done using the supplied software without the yearly subscription software?


I have an S1300i and overall is a good scanner. The ix500 came out just after I bought the 1300 or I would have probably went with the bigger model. The 1300 does a good job, I intergrate it with PaperPort for decent document managment.

I had a portable Neat Scanner and it was okay. The software scanned into a proprietary database which is okay unless the database corrupts. I thought the Neat never lived up to the hype.

I would look for a traditional, more open scanner package.