NeatDesk Desktop Scanner



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NeatDesk Desktop Scanner
$249.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Hate to start the night with negativity, but the Fujitsu SnapScan 1500 is the sweet spot for personal scanners.

Not a fan of the NeatDesk Scanner.

Sorry Woot. No quality post for me!


I bought one a couple times back. Pretty cool…it scans fast and then does some processing in the background, which takes a long time…but you can unplug the scanner during this process. For the NCR forms that I use at work, I find that I have to feed one at a time manually…but for ordinary paper you can put a small stack in and let it go.


Wow, $255 for a used scanner, and it doesn’t even support Linux? Will I find a pot of gold in the box?


SWEET! A mac option! :slight_smile: Now we’re talkin’!


Is this the first time that woot has offered the Mac version of the NeatDesk software?

Three stars on amazon, with very mixed reviews.


I bought this about 6 months ago. It works ok. My old Lenovo x61 task a long time to process the scans, but that could be an issue with my old computer. I will say that getting it to do double sided .pdf’s is great…in theory, but if you have a blank page with a pattern to the background, it has issues. I followed the directions and turned on the blank page eliminator. That didn’t fix the problem, but what did fix the problem, was stamping some text on those blank back pages. This worked well when I was scanning in a full years worth of bank statements from Bank of America. there would always be at least a couple of pages that didn’t have text on the back.


so my parents have boxes and boxes of files, would this be a good Christmas present for them to get their house back in order, and saved from the paper monster?


NeatDesk ADF Scanner and Digital Filing System REFURBISHED - Today on Woot = $249.99 + $5 Shipping

Amazon-Refurb = $314.00 + $8.99 shipping

ecrater-Refurb = $309.99 + free shipping

ebay-Refurb = $349.99 + free shipping

Comparing ‘apples to apples’ or ‘refurbished to refurbished’ Woot wins price war by $55 over next lowest found competitor.


Ok… so if you get this scanner, you don’t get that “I go against the grain because I use Linux from a USB key and use only a VPN to connect to my office… get all my software open-source… and I support the EFF” feeling when you use this. I mean there’s an infomercial on every night pushing these things with Mom using it to scan the kids crayon drawings, receipts and apple pie recipes on her kitchen counter… and it just can’t hit those dpi’s and lpi’s you “think” you need to scan your 80’s collection of Kodak 110 instamatic 3x5’s. So it’s just not “cool”, right?

Well… screw all of that, these things ROCK if you need to scan and file PAPERWORK. I’m talking office paperwork. Reports, quotes, invoices, sales receipts, faxes, bills… you name it. I have one on every desk at my company and it saves us SO much time and money.

I mfg plastic sign holders, like you see on the metal shelves at Costco with the magnet on the back? Mine… and a perfect example would be our paperwork with See’s Candies, another customer. When we get an order from them, we get FAXED 7 pages of fine print and instructions which we sign and scan and email back, then they snail-mail different copies of these as well (I know… believe me… I’ve asked them not to, but they pay the bills, it’s fine). Then we have to ship a pre-production sample of changes which all have notes, and more changes… and it’s a mess. I seriously have 3 solid file drawers filled with their orders from just a few years.

Now? Fax comes in, sign… scan, “shred” (we actually cut all papers into scratch paper pads). Mail comes in… scan and recycle. Production notes? Scan and file. It’s very fast, very easy.

To make your life easier with this, toss their filing software out. Seriously. Use just the small tray app so you can drop pages into this, press the “PDF” button on the scanner, a dialog box pops up immediately on the PC, type a file name, press “save” and DONE. THAT SIMPLE. If you use a descriptive file name then this scanner and Google Desktop search, it’s pure bliss.

They now call me and while on the phone… “hey do you have the papers with the production notes on the part you did in June 2011, that counter easel 5x7?” I double-tap my CTRL key, Google lists all docs with my inquiry of “see’s 5x7 june easel”, I click the doc and within 20 seconds… I have that “pile” of paperwork in one merged PDF. I right click and send to my customer. DONE.

It’s changed our office like our mobile phones have change how we organize and communicate. It’s perfect. … and that’s my real-world, working office experience. You want to scan photos and artwork or 100 PPM? Find another scanner. Want an office scanner that just works, get this.


Whether you already have the scanner but on older version, or whether you want PC and Mac support: The manufacturer provides the downloads and even product keys free of charge at and in their download section.

The whole idea that the Neat software needs a product key is kinda moot given that it only really works with a Neat scanner.


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damn I can type a lot :wink: Ha…

By the way, I DO have two Fuji scanners at $600 a pop, and I “did” have an HP scanner as well… this seemingly no-comparison NeatDesk product just does the job SO much easier, without complicated settings or sensitive parts. It’s a scanning “tank” that can take daily office abuse and the price is perfect. Get it. Then print my last message, scan it and save it under “long-ass posts”. :slight_smile:


Hi! I love you guys! I hope for no interminable shipping delays… and…


um… sorry, uh, let’s see… where was I now?.. oh, yeah… what does this thing do again? It duplicates, or does it replicate? You know what would be cool is if it replicated duplicates and then shredded the originals right at the end so it could all go in the compost bin… Green World, eh?


I bought one of these and was very disappointed. You can add comments to your receipts but then you can’t come back later and search on the comments.


I was also disappointed.

  • Using the PDF option causes my computer to just shut down completely (power off). I went that route for portability/sharing with people that didn’t have the software, or if the company goes bust and I lose the software, etc. etc.
  • Okay, no problem I said, let’s try their filing system, and I’ll print to PDF if I need to share.
  • Filename or other fields aren’t autofilled.
  • Can’t search on the comments like another poster mentioned.
  • I had too much legacy paperwork, and their scan-to-cloud rates are too high for “home” purposes.

Some good things, though:

  • Feeder sizes do make paper handling easier.
  • semi-vertical orientation makes things easier than a flat-bed.


Just went on sale today at, new for $349.99

Good for those of us with club card dollars from recycling ink cartridges. Otherwise, I’d go for the Woot deal now.


Bought one of these a year or so ago and extremely disappointed with both the scanner and software. Had I not gotten busy I would have sent it back. It absolutely doesn’t work as advertised. Probably one out of ten receipts scanned properly. The other nine required going into the software and correcting which made scanning a worthless exercise. You save a lot of time just setting up an excel spreadsheet and inputting your receipts manually because you’re going to have to do that anyway and excel is much easier to use than the Neat software. This thing is worthless in my opinion.


Been using neat system for tracking the receipts, utilities, documents, etc, of an apartment business for several years. Inputting several thousand items every year.

The small bar scanner is very slow. Switched to the neat desk last year, scanning time has been cut to a fraction.